Jordan’s Generative AI Hackathon Spurs Innovation and Talent Development

A modern technological event scene in a landscape format, depicting a vibrant hackathon setting. The image features a large, dynamic room

Amman, Jordan – The Jordan Source initiative, in collaboration with MENADevs, successfully hosted the Generative AI Hackathon (GEN AI) on April 26 and 27, fostering talent and innovation in the AI sector. This event, organized under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, took place at Luminus Technical University College, with MENADevs—a prominent software services company—playing a pivotal role in its execution.

The hackathon aligns with Jordan’s strategic goal to become a hub for digital innovation and high-tech investments. It underscores the nation’s commitment to utilizing AI technology to enhance entrepreneurship and stimulate growth in emerging sectors such as technology outsourcing, e-sports, and gaming.

Faisal Kawar, managing partner at MENADevs, emphasized the hackathon’s significance in demonstrating generative AI’s ability to enhance creativity and productivity, thereby contributing to economic growth and tech-driven employment opportunities.

The event attracted around 200 participants, including data scientists and programmers, who competed in sectors like finance, healthcare, media, and software development. The program featured a mix of virtual and in-person sessions, including discussions on global AI applications, highlighting Jordan’s potential as an attractive investment destination enriched by a dynamic pool of innovative talent.

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