Afghan Wireless Communication Company Launches First Telecom Services in Noor Gul, Kunar

A landscape format image depicting the launch of telecommunications services in a remote district. The scene shows a rural village in Kunar province,

Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) has introduced telecommunication services in Noor Gul district of Kunar province, marking the first such deployment in the area. This initiative addresses a long-standing need for connectivity in a district that has lacked not only telecommunication services but also other basic facilities.

Attaullah Sahil, head of AWCC in the eastern zone, highlighted the significance of this launch, noting the large population that will benefit and the plans to upgrade the current satellite connections to Microlink technology soon. Abdul Wali Marshall, Kunar’s director of communications, and around 500 families residing in the district, warmly welcomed AWCC’s efforts, expressing appreciation for the newfound access to communication services.

Jalal al-Din Shams, spokesperson for the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA), emphasized the broader context of this development, critiquing past governments for neglecting the quality of telecom services and noting current efforts by ATRA and the Ministry of Communications to enhance service quality across Afghanistan.

Local residents, including Rozi Khan from Noor Gul, expressed their relief and satisfaction with AWCC’s services, highlighting their desire for advanced services like 3G and 4G to further ease communication. Fazlur Rahman Zarqawi, the police commander of Noor Gul, assured full security support for the telecom operators, acknowledging the severe impact of previous service gaps where residents paid high costs for basic calls.

This expansion by AWCC into Noor Gul is part of a larger effort to improve telecommunication and internet access in remote areas of Afghanistan, particularly following the security improvements since the Islamic Emirate’s takeover.

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