EZPac Innovates Morocco’s Packaging Industry with Advanced Digital Printing

A modern industrial scene in landscape format, showcasing a digital printing factory in Morocco. The image features a high-tech printing press, specif

EZPac, a burgeoning digital printing startup, is set to transform the stand-up pouch market in Morocco with the installation of an HP Indigo 20000 press and a new pouch manufacturing line. Founded in March 2023 by Yassine Cherkaoui and CFO Mourad Maach, EZPac was inspired by the global success of ePac in the flexible packaging market.

The foundation of EZPac builds on a deep legacy of printing and converting expertise dating back to 1999, when Cherkaoui’s father recognized a local need for large transport bags while working for the UN Food Organization in Morocco. This led to the creation of Amadic, which initially produced woven bags and later expanded under Yassine and his brother into a variety of printed products, including decorated shopping bags and durable tablecloths for the catering industry.

Frustrated by the limitations of traditional flexographic printing, which required large runs and often suffered from color and supply inconsistencies, Cherkaoui saw digital printing as a potential solution. His interest in digital methods was piqued further by the emerging presence of stand-up pouches in local markets, prompting him to explore the viability of this format in Morocco.

Through a partnership with Reda Moukite of Redagraph, HP’s representative in Morocco, Cherkaoui embarked on this venture. The duo’s commitment was cemented by the purchase of a refurbished HP Indigo 20000 press and the necessary equipment for a complete pouch production line, signaling a significant shift towards innovative, flexible packaging solutions.

This strategic move positions EZPac to cater to a range of market needs—from large brands importing pre-printed pouches to smaller local businesses using inefficient labeling techniques. By offering digitally printed pouches, EZPac aims to provide high-quality, customizable packaging solutions that respond to the growing consumer demand for sophisticated and personalized products.

The initiative reflects a broader shift in Moroccan manufacturing towards high-quality, locally produced goods, aligning with changing market dynamics and consumer expectations post-COVID. As the local and export markets for Moroccan products expand, EZPac’s innovative approach could redefine the packaging industry, promoting local production while enhancing the quality and appeal of Moroccan goods on the global stage.

With the potential to expand into other areas of digital printing, such as shrink sleeves and pressure-sensitive labels, EZPac is poised to drive significant growth in Morocco’s packaging sector, leveraging advanced technology to meet the sophisticated needs of today’s consumers and brands.

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