Algeria’s Digital Development Showcased at INESG Meeting

Algeria’s journey towards digital transformation took center stage at a recent gathering hosted by the National Institute of Global Strategy Studies (INESG). Experts and researchers in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) highlighted the nation’s significant progress in embracing digitalization.

Younes Grar, a specialist in digitization, commended Algeria’s advancements in high-speed internet deployment, particularly noting the growing number of fiber optic network subscribers in 2023. Grar underscored the successful implementation of the national digitization strategy across various sectors, citing examples like the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, where online processes have streamlined tasks for academics.

Meanwhile, ICT expert Yazid Aguedal discussed Algeria’s transition from paper-based to digital processes. He emphasized the recent collaboration between the High Commission for Digitization and Huawei to establish the Algerian National Center for Digital Services. Aguedal highlighted the center’s role in project management and goal-setting within the digital landscape.

Mounir Moncef, Director of Coordination and Monitoring of Modernization Projects at the Ministry of Finance, emphasized the vital role of cooperation, partnership, and communication in achieving Algeria’s digitization objectives.

In recognition of his contributions to the ICT sector, Prof. Youcef Mentalecheta was honored at the event. INESG Director-General Abdelaziz Medjahed encouraged students to follow Mentalecheta’s example, highlighting his dual role as a mujahid and researcher in advancing Algeria’s telecommunications system. Mentalecheta emphasized the importance of knowledge and religion as “keys to success” for younger generations, stressing the need to engage Algerian talent abroad in national development efforts.

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