Ooredoo Group Hosts Key Meeting on Digital Regulation in MENA

Ooredoo Group chaired the third session of the International Institute of Communications (IIC) MENA Chapter in Manama, Bahrain, emphasizing the urgent need for regulatory frameworks in emerging technologies. Fraser Graham, Director of Public Affairs at Ooredoo Group, facilitated discussions with industry leaders, policymakers, and regulatory authorities on pivotal issues such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The meeting focused on developing comprehensive guidelines for AI, analyzing the impacts of the NIS2 Directive on Cybersecurity, and constructing regulations for IoT technologies. A major highlight was the presentation of a Whitepaper by the Digital Economy and Regulatory Modernisation (DERM) Committee of the IIC MENA Chapter. Titled “Proposals to Unlock the Potential of IoT,” it addresses the global and regional challenges of IoT implementation.

Lynn Robinson, IIC Director General, underscored the importance of the Whitepaper, noting that IoT has the capacity to transform industries and societies. However, unlocking its full potential necessitates a coordinated effort across sectors. This document provides crucial insights and recommendations for policymakers to foster a more inclusive and secure digital ecosystem.

The recent meeting underscores the ongoing commitment of the MENA region’s leaders to adapt and thrive in the evolving digital landscape, ensuring that emerging technologies like IoT are integrated safely and effectively into the economic and social fabric.

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