Kazakhstan Advances in Space Communication with OneWeb Interface Station

A landscape format image depicting a modern space technology scene, showing a satellite interface station at a space services center. The scene include

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Digital Development has completed an interface station for the OneWeb non-geostationary satellite communication network at Kokterek Space Services Center, anticipating commercial service readiness within the year. Additionally, the Spacecraft Assembly and Test Complex in Astana is undergoing further development. A new satellite constellation project for Earth remote sensing is underway, aiming to enhance agricultural, emergency management, and natural resource sustainability applications.

The EutelSat OneWeb, part of EutelSat Group, focuses on providing broadband via low Earth orbit satellites. Despite a financial hiccup in 2020 leading to bankruptcy due to failed negotiations with Softbank for a crucial $2 billion funding round, OneWeb rebounded with support from the UK government, India’s Bharti Global, and a merger with EutelSat in 2023.

In related developments, rural areas in Kazakhstan are now benefiting from Starlink satellite internet, with over 170 villages connected through the KazSat network, serving over 17,000 residents. However, recent controversies have shadowed the digital ministry, with the dismissal of Minister Bagdat Musin following a significant personal data leak incident involving Kazakh citizens.

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