Libyan Telco Almadar Aljadid Partners with WideBot to Deploy Multilingual AI Chatbot

A modern telecommunications office in landscape format, depicting a high-tech environment with advanced digital screens displaying interactive AI inte

Cairo-based AI developer WideBot has formed a strategic partnership with Libyan state-owned telecom operator Almadar Aljadid to enhance its customer service capabilities. Announced on Tuesday, the collaboration will see Almadar adopt WideBot’s advanced Arabic conversational AI chatbot platform, designed to interact with customers in Arabic, English, and the Libyan dialect.

The AI-powered virtual assistant is set to enhance customer interactions by providing personalized and immediate responses through Messenger and web chat, aiming to boost customer satisfaction and support the growth of Almadar’s customer base. This move comes on the heels of Almadar’s recent expansion of 3G and 4G services across most Libyan cities.

Bassam Tunis, CEO of Almadar, highlighted the agreement as a pivotal advancement for Libya’s telecommunications sector, aligning with the company’s goal to innovate and expand its service offerings. The partnership not only aims to reinforce Almadar’s position as a leading provider in Libya and North Africa but also sets the stage for future service expansions.

WideBot’s platform, recognized for handling over a billion conversations and serving upwards of 80 million customers across the MENA region, continues to solidify its position with a growing client base now exceeding 35,000 customers in over 45 countries.

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