Jordan Hosts Premier Digital Transformation and Fintech Conferences in Amman

A sophisticated business conference setting in a modern hotel in Amman, Jordan. The scene includes a spacious conference room with advanced digital scene

The 4th Digital Transformation Jordan and Fintech Jordan conferences kicked off today at the St Regis Hotel in Amman, hosted under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. Drawing over 400 industry leaders worldwide, these simultaneous events highlight Jordan’s pivotal role in digital banking and fintech innovation.

The Fintech Jordan Conference 2024, recognized as Jordan’s largest digital banking and fintech event, brings together regulators, policymakers, and industry leaders from diverse sectors like banking, fintech solutions, insurance, and e-commerce. This conference aims to foster collaborations that drive industry growth and innovation through workshops, discussions, and networking.

Simultaneously, the 4th Digital Transformation Jordan conference focuses on enhancing digital transformation strategies within Jordan’s digital economy and entrepreneurial sectors. It features over 400 attendees, including senior government officials and technology experts, discussing the enhancement of technological capabilities that promote sectoral agility and growth.

Eng. Rami Al Rwashdeh, on behalf of HE Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh, expressed appreciation for GM Events’ efforts in driving digital government transformations in Jordan. The conferences, running from May 5-6, are set to deliver impactful insights and foster significant discussions on the future of digital transformation and fintech in the region and beyond.

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