Kuwait’s CITRA Chairman Opens International AI Forum, Emphasizing Digital Transformation

DALL·E 2A modern conference setting depicting an international technology forum focused on artificial intelligence. The scene includes a high-tech, sophisticated

Omar Al-Omar, the Chairman of CITRA, affirmed significant advancements in communications and information technology during the opening of the International Forum on Artificial Intelligence. He emphasized the transformative impact of AI on business and everyday life globally. The forum, spanning two days, features discussions on the integration of AI and digital services into government and private sectors, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce errors.

Al-Omar stressed the revolutionary potential of AI in automating and refining digital services, particularly in governmental procedures, which he noted could dramatically improve productivity and safety across sectors. Eng. Suleiman Al-Arouj, head of the forum, echoed these sentiments, highlighting AI’s role in enhancing institutional operations across administrative, financial, and technical domains.

The event includes workshops, lectures on cutting-edge AI and digitization technologies, and showcases contributions from notable Kuwaiti and international experts. This initiative aligns with Kuwait’s strategic vision to prioritize technological transformation in government transactions and broader state functions.

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