Ooredoo, Qatar Airways, and Nutanix Forge Strategic Partnership for Hybrid Cloud Innovation

A modern business scene in Doha, Qatar, featuring a high-tech conference room with representatives from Ooredoo, Qatar Airways, and Nutanix discussing

Doha, Qatar: Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications company, has announced a strategic partnership with Qatar Airways and Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing.

As Qatar Airways’ chosen partner, Ooredoo will develop a state-of-the-art hybrid multi-cloud environment, enhancing the airline’s customer experience and business performance with next-generation applications.

Thani Ali I A Al Malki, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo, stated, “This collaboration with Qatar Airways and Nutanix demonstrates our commitment to technological innovation in Qatar. By partnering with leading technology companies, we are setting new standards for digital transformation across industries. Our aim is to empower clients with hybrid cloud solutions that integrate technological advancements with business insights, creating strategies that align with their broader objectives.”

A.T. Srinivasan, Group Chief Information Officer at Qatar Airways, commented, “We have selected Nutanix, a top Software Defined Hyper Converged Infrastructure, as a key pillar of our Hybrid Cloud Strategy. This partnership with Nutanix and Ooredoo will leverage Nutanix’s Software Defined Infrastructure, offering benefits such as hardware choice, data locality, data sovereignty, independent scaling of compute and storage nodes, enhanced security, real-time service monitoring, and comprehensive analytics and reporting.”

The Nutanix Cloud Platform will provide Qatar Airways with a consistent cloud operating model, managing applications and data across data centers, edges, and public clouds. This platform enables businesses to streamline operations across different environments, ensuring greater efficiency.

Qatar Airways will benefit from the scalability of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, allowing the airline to adjust resources in real-time and on demand. This flexibility ensures optimal performance during peak periods and cost savings during slower times, highlighting the agility and responsiveness of the hybrid cloud model, supported by Ooredoo’s infrastructure.

This partnership solidifies Ooredoo’s position as a leading provider of advanced Hybrid Multi-Cloud frameworks and underscores its role in enabling businesses to embark on digital innovation journeys that align with their strategic goals.

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