TRA Launches Project to Measure and Ensure Quality of Fixed Broadband Services in Oman

A modern scene in Muscat, Oman, featuring a household setting with a high-tech device measuring fixed broadband service. The background includes a coz

MUSCAT: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched an initiative to measure and ensure the quality of fixed broadband services (home Internet) for subscribers in Oman.

This comprehensive system will evaluate fixed broadband services by measuring various indicators and comparing them with the packages advertised by service providers. A specialized device will be provided to subscribers for free, enabling them to assess different packages.

The device, connected to the user’s home network, will accurately verify the service level provided by companies over a specific period. It will measure indicators such as download and upload speeds, network response time, network outages, and other relevant metrics.

The initiative aims to protect user interests, ensure transparency and consumer satisfaction, and enhance competition based on service quality. Subscribers can request the device through TRA’s website, email, call centre, and WhatsApp service.

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