Orange Jordan Launches Advanced Fiber Technologies FTTR and Wi-Fi 6

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  • FTTR and Wi-Fi 6 launch by Orange Jordan.
  • Extensive coverage across Jordanian cities and governorates.
  • Stable connectivity for all family members with FTTR technology.

Orange Jordan has introduced cutting-edge fiber technologies—Fiber to the Room (FTTR) and Wi-Fi 6—offering customers the highest speed and quality internet service. FTTR delivers high-speed fiber optic internet directly to individual rooms within a building. “Both novel technologies have unprecedentedly revolutionized internet services,” Orange Jordan stated in an official release.

Orange FTTR Service The announcement was made during a recent press conference held at the Orange Training Center. Orange Jordan highlighted that this step aligns with its vision to introduce the latest and most advanced digital services in the Jordanian market.

Orange also noted its pioneering role in introducing extremely high speeds of up to 10,000 Mbps in Jordan and the region in 2023, alongside the Wi-Fi 5 technology in 2019. The updated Orange Fiber Service now includes a new FTTR Fiber Box and two FTTR Extenders with Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Expansion and Coverage Orange has successfully covered 1 million households with Orange Fiber in all main cities and most governorates. The company emphasized that the new Wi-Fi 6 technology brings unprecedented high speeds, supports the highest number of connected devices simultaneously, ensures comprehensive coverage in all parts of the house, and reduces response time.

Stable Connections for Every Household The FTTR service, utilizing a transparent fiber optic network connecting every room, will enable all family members to enjoy a strong and stable internet connection, according to the official release.

Orange Jordan As the first telecom operator to launch 5G services in Amman, Orange Jordan continues to lead in technological advancements. A subsidiary of the Orange Global Group, which operates in 26 countries worldwide, Orange Jordan serves around 4.1 million customers in the country.

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