Morocco Plans to Launch 5G Internet Service by 2030 Ahead of World Cup Co-Hosting

A vibrant cityscape in Morocco with advanced 5G technology infrastructure. The scene includes modern buildings, 5G towers, and bustling streets with p

Preparations are underway to launch 5G internet service in Morocco before 2030, in time for the country’s co-hosting of the World Cup with Spain and Portugal, announced Ghita Mezzour, the Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Administration Reform.

Mezzour informed MPs that the 5G launch is part of Morocco’s 2030 digital strategy, aiming to enhance online data speed. The service is expected to be available by the World Cup, with stadiums and championship venues equipped with 5G technology.

In addition, efforts are ongoing to expand internet coverage in rural areas in the coming months. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of digital connectivity, transitioning high-speed internet from a luxury to an essential service for work, education, healthcare, and social connections.

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