Morocco Pledges to Extend High-Speed Internet Access Nationwide

A picturesque rural landscape in Morocco with advanced internet connectivity elements. The scene includes traditional Moroccan architecture, lush green

The Moroccan government has committed to expanding high-speed internet connectivity across the country, aiming to provide quality and affordable internet for all citizens. On Monday, Morocco announced a new program to bring internet access to 1,800 rural areas in the coming months, a significant milestone in its National Plan for the Development of High and Very High Speed Broadband.

Digital Transition and Administrative Reform Minister Ghita Mezzour unveiled the initiative, building on the first phase of the plan that targets 10,740 previously unconnected rural areas. This program is part of Morocco’s upcoming National Digital Development Strategy 2030, which also includes the rollout of 5G technology, essential for the country’s modernization efforts.

By leveraging digital tools, Morocco aims to boost economic growth, improve public services, and promote broader digital inclusion. The new internet access program is expected to enhance the lives of millions in rural areas, providing access to essential online public services through 600 government digital platforms, including healthcare appointments and administrative procedures.

Improved connectivity will positively impact education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. Students will benefit from online learning resources, patients will have access to remote consultations, and local businesses will be able to expand their reach through e-commerce.

Morocco’s dedication to digital transformation underscores its commitment to bridging the digital divide and integrating all regions into the global digital economy.

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