Shaffra Launches AI Trainer to Revolutionize Workforces in the Middle East

A high-tech office environment featuring AI avatars interacting with employees in various roles such as customer service, HR, and data analysis. The s

Shaffra, a pioneering deep tech company in the Middle East, has announced the launch of its innovative AI Trainer. Utilizing Shaffra’s proprietary Large Action Models (LAM) technology, these AI avatars can efficiently perform a variety of tasks, ensuring precision and productivity without human intervention.

The AI Trainer allows companies to personalize their AI avatars to communicate using language and expressions that reflect their culture and are tailored to their specific needs and objectives. This customization makes the AI avatars valuable assets in roles such as customer service agents, HR assistants, or data analysts.

As AI continues to drive economic growth, projected to contribute $320 billion to the region’s economy, Shaffra’s AI Trainer is a significant addition to its portfolio of AI solutions. These AI personas can be equipped with detailed knowledge bases and programmed to handle tasks like recruiting, customer queries, or data interpretation with remarkable accuracy. They can also be imbued with specific personality traits to tailor their response and dialogue style.

Governments across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region are investing heavily in AI, recognizing its transformative potential. The UAE’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 aims to integrate AI into critical areas such as transportation and health. Saudi Arabia’s National Strategy for Data and AI targets training 20,000 specialists and attracting $20 billion in investments to support its Vision 2030 goals. Oman has committed $39 million for AI projects by 2025 to drive innovation and economic growth.

Marc Wehbi, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Shaffra, stated: “The Gulf region is experiencing a significant shift towards an AI-powered workforce. At Shaffra, we believe that AI is a catalyst for progress, empowering enterprises to elevate their performance and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive environment. A significant 64% of businesses believe that AI will help increase their overall productivity.

“The AI Trainer is a strategic response to evolving market conditions and customer demands, taking business efficiency to the next level and fostering a fully innovative AI workforce. We have curated a strong team of the best tech talents across the globe to develop cutting-edge technologies, here in the Middle East, that can be exported globally. We must embrace AI as an integral part of society to stay ahead in the digital era.”

The AI Trainer is versatile and effective across various sectors, offering tailored AI workflows and characters specifically designed to fulfill tasks typically requiring human capital. In human resources, it can automate recruiting, onboarding, and psychometric testing, reducing administrative overhead.

In sales and marketing, it automates lead generation and follow-ups, allowing sales teams to focus on strategic engagements. In healthcare, it manages patient appointments and provides routine health information, improving patient care and reducing staff workload.

The banking and finance sectors can streamline financial transactions and reporting through AI Trainer, while customer service can enhance responsiveness and efficiency. In education, the AI Trainer supports personalized learning experiences and content management, showcasing its broad applicability and potential to revolutionize traditional workflows.

Backed by Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Flat6Labs, and other prominent local, regional, and global investors, Shaffra has seven patent registrations currently in progress. The introduction of the AI Trainer has already sparked significant interest among Shaffra’s users and industry leaders.

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