Valu and Hive Analytics Partner to Boost AI Talent Development in Egypt

A vibrant educational setting in Egypt, showcasing a collaboration on AI talent development. The scene includes a modern classroom with students engagement

Egypt – Valu, a leading financial technology company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has announced a strategic partnership with Hive Analytics, a prominent digital marketing firm, to nurture the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) talent in Egypt. This collaboration marks a significant step towards creating a thriving AI ecosystem within the country.

Through Hive Academy, an educational initiative launched by Hive Analytics, and in collaboration with entrepreneur and AI investor Omar El Monayer, Valu will provide flexible payment solutions for the academy’s AI Copilot Course. As the first official financial partner of this initiative, Valu will award a total of 125,000 EGP in prizes to the top three graduation projects, demonstrating its commitment to fostering AI innovation.

This partnership is timely, as the demand for AI expertise is growing rapidly. In just one week, over 2,000 individuals expressed interest in the AI Copilot Diploma program, with projections indicating a community of 10,000 learners by the end of the year.

Walid Hassouna, CEO of Valu, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are firmly committed to promoting innovation and supporting the development of AI in Egypt. Our partnership with Hive Analytics and Omar El Monayer is a significant step towards achieving this objective.”

Valu is offering a 0% interest rate on all courses provided at Hive Analytics Academy, aiming to empower over 10,000 learners with the AI education they need. Hassouna emphasized Valu’s dedication to equipping the Egyptian ecosystem with the knowledge and skills required to advance the economy and keep pace with global AI trends.

Nabil Khalifa, Co-founder of Hive Analytics, commented, “We are delighted to collaborate with Valu and Omar El Monayer to advance the development of the AI ecosystem in Egypt. Our partnership highlights our shared commitment to providing the Egyptian community with the necessary resources and support to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of AI.”

Omar El Monayer, Entrepreneur & AI Investor, added, “As the AI race is still globally in the early stages, I strongly believe that Egypt has the opportunity to become one of the leading countries in the region not only in terms of the number of AI users but also as AI technology developers.”

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