Bahrain TRA Sets Ambitious Fibre Deployment Targets for BNET

A high-tech cityscape of Bahrain with prominent modern buildings and a network of glowing fibre optic cables running through the streets and buildings

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Bahrain has announced new deployment targets for Bahrain Network (BNET) as part of its commitment to making Bahrain a global leader in connectivity.

Aligned with Bahrain’s strategic vision for universal fibre coverage, the TRA has set key criteria for BNET to ensure the efficient and timely rollout of fibre services. BNET is now required to provide fibre services to all residential properties that can be occupied within 10 working days of a consumer request. This applies to all areas of Bahrain except Amwaj, which is not currently part of the BNET Network. The TRA is actively working to include Amwaj in the network expansion.

For businesses, the fibre deployment target is set at 30 calendar days from the date of request. These targets specifically address the deployment of fibre services to designated areas.

Philip Marnick, the General Director of TRA, stated: “Broadband has become essential today. We believe everyone in Bahrain, regardless of their location, should be able to access fibre services. These coverage requirements will ensure that BNET expands its network to make fibre available to everyone.”

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