Core42 and Gecko Robotics Forge Strategic Alliance to Advance AI-Driven Solutions in UAE

Core42, a subsidiary of G42 specializing in AI enablement, has partnered with Gecko Robotics through a new memorandum of understanding. This collaboration aims to integrate Gecko’s advanced robotics and AI software into sectors such as energy and public infrastructure, where Core42 has established significant expertise.

The partnership intends to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and excellence by developing AI-driven products tailored for the UAE and regional markets. Andrew Jackson, EVP and Chief AI Officer at Core42, expressed enthusiasm about leveraging their industry insights and network to expand Gecko’s influence and integrate their innovative solutions with Core42’s extensive customer base.

Gecko Robotics is renowned for its wall-climbing robots equipped with advanced sensors that produce detailed digital maps of crucial assets, used extensively across critical infrastructure sectors. These technological solutions extend the lifespan of vital installations, including power plants and refineries.

Jake Loosararian, co-founder and CEO of Gecko Robotics, emphasized the transformative impact of combining robotics with AI, particularly in Industry 4.0 applications, highlighting the UAE’s role as a pivotal center for such innovations. The partnership with Core42, known for its leadership in innovation within the region, promises to bring significant advancements in how critical infrastructure is built, operated, and maintained.

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