Morocco to Host Pioneering AI and Data Hub in Partnership with US-based Iozera

DA futuristic architectural rendering of a sprawling tech park, named Eureka Park, located in Tetouan, Morocco. The scene includes modern, sleek building

In a significant stride toward transforming the artificial intelligence industry, US-based tech startup Iozera, in partnership with the Moroccan government, announced plans to establish a groundbreaking 386MW data center and AI hub in Tetouan, Morocco. Named Eureka Park, this hub aims to become a premier global technology center, focusing on advanced AI computation and data storage.

The expansive Eureka Park will feature the Iozera AI Data Center, GenV Data Management Services for AI training and data handling, Ryse Research for startup incubation and workforce training, and an AI Expo to showcase global advancements in AI technology.

The project will harness renewable energy sources including the Noor Solar Power Complex and the Koudia Al Baida Wind Farm, highlighting its commitment to green and innovative technology. With construction scheduled to begin in late 2024, the facility is expected to be operational by mid-2026 and ready to serve global clients by the 2030 World Cup hosted in Morocco.

While the projected cost for this ambitious project is around $500 million, details about the financing and technical specifics remain under wraps. However, the involvement of Taiwanese electronics giant Pegatron in the signing ceremony hints at potential collaboration in this high-stakes initiative.

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