ADIA Lab and Minsait Forge Partnership for Sustainable and Ethical AI Research

A high-tech conference setting showing representatives from Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Lab (ADIA Lab) and Minsait collaborating on AI research, wi

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Lab (ADIA Lab) and Minsait have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on future research focused on the sustainable and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Under the MoU, the organizations will identify key research areas related to AI technology, including green AI, smart cities, healthcare, digital finance, and quantum computing, as reported by WAM. Researchers from Minsait and ADIA Lab will jointly produce scientific papers and other publications advocating for the sustainable and ethical use of AI.

Dr. Horst Simon, Director of ADIA Lab, stated, “Collaborating with Minsait enables us to leverage our research capabilities in real-world applications, ensuring that AI advancements are both impactful and aligned with global standards of sustainability and ethics.”

Luis Abril, CEO of Minsait, added, “This partnership with ADIA Lab aims to foster innovation and create advanced AI solutions tailored to the needs of different sectors. Together, we plan to push the boundaries of AI technology to new heights.”

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