Core42 Launches JAIS Chat Mobile App to Enhance AI-Driven Bilingual Communication

A modern mobile application interface showcasing an AI-powered chatbot, with bilingual support for English and Arabic, displayed on a sleek smartphone

Core42, a G42 company specializing in sovereign cloud, cybersecurity, and AI infrastructure, has unveiled the JAIS Chat mobile application, now available for download on iOS. This user-friendly chatbot addresses the increasing demand for Generative AI capabilities in the region.

JAIS Chat is a bilingual English and Arabic chatbot that understands various Arabic dialects and cultural nuances, facilitating translation and cross-language communication on a large scale. Powered by AI, it aims to empower Arabic speakers worldwide by adding convenience, accessibility, and efficiency to their daily lives.

Built on JAIS 30B, the world’s most performant Arabic Large Language Model (LLM), JAIS Chat has been trained on a vast dataset of 1.63 trillion tokens, including 475 billion Arabic tokens, with the rest in English and Code. This extensive training enables JAIS Chat to deliver unmatched accuracy in Arabic language processing while also excelling in English language capabilities.

Performance Metrics

Andrew Jackson, EVP and Chief AI Officer at Core42, remarked: “Since the launch of JAIS in August 2023, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The recent release of JAIS 30B has significantly enhanced its performance metrics compared to JAIS 13B. JAIS, with its Arabic-first approach, revolutionizes how bilingual individuals interact with technology. JAIS Chat for mobile represents the next step in our mission to democratize AI access globally.”

JAIS Chat aims to unlock new possibilities for the region, from enhancing government communications to improving customer service automation and enabling entire workforces across various sectors.

Key Features

  • Bilingual Capability: Proficient in both Arabic and English.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Sensitivity: Designed with an Arabic-centric model for efficient processing of Arabic text.
  • Generative AI Power: Capable of summarization, content generation, and information retrieval with an Arabic-first approach.

Upcoming features for JAIS Chat include document processing, customizable user settings, voice conversation capabilities, and an enterprise support and subscription model for businesses seeking advanced functionalities.

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