Presight and Intel Join Forces to Advance AI Innovation in the Middle East

A high-tech collaboration scene showing representatives from Presight and Intel discussing AI technology advancements in a modern conference room, featured

Presight, the region’s leading big data analytics firm, and Intel, a global technology leader, have announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate applied AI projects and develop cutting-edge AI solutions in the Middle East.

This partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing AI research and development in the region. Together, Intel and Presight will spearhead the development of AI products, including Smart Cities, through innovative R&D initiatives. The focus will be on leveraging open-source tools and industry standards to optimize AI software for efficient AI workloads.

Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: “In this collaboration with Intel, we’re excited about unlocking new possibilities in artificial intelligence. Together, we combine Intel’s leading technology capabilities with our deep insights in big data and AI, aiming to drive significant advancements. This collaboration goes beyond technical achievements; it’s about creating real value and making a lasting impact on our stakeholders and society.”

Key Aspects of the Collaboration

Mutual Innovation and Knowledge Sharing:
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two companies includes mutual collaboration and innovation, knowledge-sharing through technical workshops, and developing technology roadmaps to empower and upskill developers in optimized AI application development. This will help create cutting-edge AI solutions that address the region’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Strengthening AI Data Security and Privacy:
The MoU also focuses on enhancing AI data security and privacy through the implementation of confidential AI technologies. This includes safeguarding sensitive data used in AI models during the AI lifecycle, from data training to inference stages. Leveraging Intel’s trust authority technologies, platforms running AI models will be verified for trustworthiness, ensuring data security and integrity throughout the AI ecosystem.

This collaboration between Presight and Intel is set to drive significant advancements in AI, creating real value and making a lasting impact on stakeholders and society in the Middle East.

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